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A list of all the students on the Infinity +1 team.

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Executive Producer (Teacher)
Jason Lee Elliott

Stephane Cotichini

Technical Director
Regner Blok‐Andersen

Keir Miron
Stefan Bjarnason
Garrett Hau
Lukas Egger

Michelle Stafford

Lead Designer
Roderick McDougall

Assistant Designer
Robert Ling

Lead Level Designers
Jaus “Grimsausy” Laird

Level Designers
Dylan White
Jaus “Grimsausy” Laird
Ricky Yoon
Mark Huliganga
Nick “The Greek” Bakalos
Dylan White

Interface Design
Kelly Blades

Alan Schroeder

Lead Artists
Ryan “Griever XVII” Fissenwert
Tim “Talented Crayon” Williams‐Quigley

Art Managers
Kelly Blades

Haley Oatway
Jeff Bartzis
Jonathan “Cairos” Marc Doriano
Carly Solven
Andy Gur
Audio Designers
Dara Dabiri
Kevin Deol

Isabella Cheng

Audio Lead
Damon “Hoover” Hines

Dara Dabiri
Kevin Deol

Special Thanks
David MacDonald
Tyler Goodbrand
Jason Au
Jason Lee Elliott
Jeff Mundee
Dan Couburn and his QA class
Marc Aubanel
Mike Enick
Scott Swanson
Kevin Vail

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