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We need a team of hobbyist Game developers, coders, modelers, artists and general game developing people to join us!

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we are on a hunt for a team of budding indie developers to join our little team of hobby game designers. we wont be offering any pay as we are making this game 100% free spending no money and gaining no money simply sharing with the world our creation and making it the best it can be with the tools at our disposal.


- UDK boffs - could be mappers, Kismet boffs and quite possibly even scale-form.
- Media Boffs - anyone good with Photoshop, flash or any media based work.
- Modeler - anyone good with max or any model producing software.

Our goal is to update this game as much as we can for as long as we can adding maps, content and generally improving as we go along. tell your mates if you want but just spend 5 minutes exploring this game its a cheap thrill and addictive to play but needs a lot of work.

- crustytoeman

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