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Another week has gone by, let’s see how much the kids have improved!

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Another week has gone by, let’s see how much the kids have improved!


1. The kids can now answer yes/no questions about the player/speaker
2. The kids now know that “Dave”, “Murray” and “Dave Murray” can all represent the name of Dave Murray
- Player: My name is Dave Murray
- Kai: Okay
- Player: My name is Dave?
- Kai: Yes

3. The kids have started developing their short-term memories, to remember the context of the conversation. So we can now have the following conversation:
- Player: My name is Phil
- Kira: ...
- Player: And yours?
- Kira: Kira

4. The kids are better at understanding words too. For example, the kids can now recognize “yellow” as a color, without our need to mention the word “color” in the context.
- Player: I like yellow
- Kira: Okay
- Player: My favorite color is?
- Kira: Yellow

5. They also know that a character can have multiple favorites/hates in a single “topic”.
- Player: My favorite color is red and blue
- Kai: Okay
- Player: My favorite color is orange
- Kai: Okay
- Player: My favorite color is?
- Kai: red, blue and orange
- Player: I don't like red
- Kai: Okay
- Player: What is my favorite color?
- Kai: blue and orange

6. The kids now respond as “not know” if the input sentence has too many unknown words to them, instead of guessing wildly previously.
- The player: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
- Kai:

7. The kids now have a better understanding of negative sentences (no, not, etc)

8. The kids have now understood more contractions

9. The kids can now reply with “Met too” and things like that
- Player: I like black
- Kira: Me too

I have also improved the whole language system and the Slack server a lot, fixed many bugs as well.

What’s next?

There are still many tasks, ideas and problems to tackle in the next few months, stay tuned! Coffee

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