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The first patch to The Dwarf Holds, adding several new units and many bug- and balance fixes!

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Finally, version 0.55 of The Dwarf Holds is here!

After a long wait that I assure you was as annoying to us as it was to you, the patch is ready for release. To download the update, simply run the Check for Updates utility in the Start Menu folder which was installed with The Dwarf Holds. Or, run TDHUpdater.exe from your My Battle for Middle-earth Files folder. The patch will be downloaded and installed. If prompted by a firewall/antivirus program, allow the Updater access to the internet.

The changelog is quite long, so I'll quickly summarize some of the more important changes below. Exact balance numbers and lists of fixed bugs can be found here.


  • Abilities added to Rohan's Theoden and Eomer
  • Royal Guardsmen, Door-Wardens of Edoras added to Rohan unit roster
  • Uruk Scouts added to Isengard unit roster
  • Steel Drawstrings upgrade added to Isengard Crossbowmen
  • Poisoned Arrows upgrade added to Haradrim Skirmishers
  • Several awesome new maps (and I mean really awesome)

Major Changes:

  • All Archers now have accuracy levels; Elves are the most accurate (95%), and Orcs are the worst (70%)
  • Fire Arrows Upgrade decreases archer accuracy by up to 35%. Arrows that miss can still hit targets
  • Fire Arrows have been removed from Isengard Uruk Crossbowmen
  • Scaling siege equipment (Ladders, Siege Towers) have lower costs, take up no CP, but are hard-capped
  • Siege artillery has been increased in buildtime and CP cost, and is hardcapped

Some specific changes have also been made to each faction's specific piece of Siege Artillery:

  • Mordor Catapults are now generally inaccurate with large splash. Capped at 8
  • Isengard Ballistae are very accurate and can sometimes hit moving targets, but do little damage to buildings and have low splash radius. Capped at 8
  • Gondor Trebuchets are inaccurate with low splash and high damage. The Fire Stones upgrade decreases damage but greatly increases splash. Capped at 8
  • Thrown Ent rocks are more inaccurate, but otherwise remain identical. Ents are capped at 5
  • Iron Hills Mangonels have had their abilities specialized. Boulders do more inaccurate, single-target building damage, Scatter Shot does less damage in a larger radius. Capped at 6

Post bug reports in the main bug report thread. As usual, try to be specific.
Bug reports related to map issues should be posted in the Map Bug Report thread.

NOTE: There were some bad bugs that made it into this patch, there is a new patch already released (0.551) which is downloaded directly after downloading 0.55.

Some screenshots of the new patch:

Royal Guardsmen

Door-Wardens of Edoras

King's Guard of Meduseld

Uruk Scouts


Looks ok... Too bad I don't have the game though.

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man, you should add some new units to gondor

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