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Good evening to all of our supporters and s.t.a.l.k.e.r. gamers, we from TCZ Team are In searching for member to join our team, to help us with the future of our mod.

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Hello dear fellow stalkers, long time no see:

Good evening to all of our supporters and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans, we from TCZ Team are in searching for members to join our team and help us with the future of our mod. For what possition I am talking about? Simple.
We will getting a new version of our mod soon. But we want to add new content and options to the mod itself.
And I am talking about, absolutlly new content as example - missions. Completely new missions that will not be close or remake of old ones that are in ShOC. The missions are already written on my notebook by myself, the team likes them very-very much, but here's come our problem. We have the missions written on paper but it's not easy to add them in-game you know. And for that we are searching new members for this task and dream to come true.

!The jobs and places are limited!

We need-

List of the jobs:

1 Mission scripter and writer.
1 Mission producer and screenwriter
1 Mission designer and editor.
1 Programmer.
2 Testers.

For more info about the jobs or questions, feel free to contact me: TheR3MAK3R (TI Games PR Manager, Animator).

To Apply

Private message TI Games, TCZ Team and TheR3MAK3R.


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