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Introducing Taxinaut, a game about being a taxi driver in space. Available, as of today, for your vote on Steam Greenlight.

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In Taxinaut you explore the galaxy by earning your living as a taxi driver; a "Taxinaut". The galaxy is a melting pot full of degenerates and ancient clandestine organizations that you can learn about by talking to passengers and other individuals. Through bribery, favors and "Mojo" you can discover special and secret locations which in turn might lead to even more special locations and secrets.

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Together with keeping yourself in fuel, awake, clean and fed there are many items and situations that affect your life as a Taxinaut. Examples include:

  • Licenses for running a taxi in certain systems and on certain planets.
  • Protections against all kinds of hazards (pests and thugs among the most common).
  • Good and bad effects from (alien) food you ate.
  • Conditions like depression, addiction or "being in love".
  • "Mojo" somewhat like your soul affects a great many things.

The game's focus is exploration and it aims to be relatively simple and relaxing (it can be entirely controlled with the mouse in one hand and your drink in the other) somewhat akin to hidden object or puzzle games: It is not an action shooter. Your only way (mostly) as a Taxinaut to defend yourself is by having the proper protections or by staying out of the way of hazards & hostiles.

The game also aims to stay away from a strict leading narrative (there is no main quest).
Instead it hopes to provide all kinds of loosely connected situations to provide a sense of discovery and "being in" the game's world.

There is a sense of "gambling" to a good portion of the interactions especially with regards to "Mojo" which you can "bet" on dialog options in the hope to gain useful information. ("Mojo" is a working term something we are not quite happy with ourselves at the moment and will thus most likely change.)

The game will feature very adult elements like those you might find in exploitation movies of the 1970s and 1980s (albeit mostly in an alien context and hopefully in an entertaining manner).

Gameplay Video

Taxinaut has been in development by Mosgrom (currently a one-man games & art shop) for over a year and should release somewhere in 2018. As of today it is available for your vote on Steam Greenlight here.

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