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I have decided to create a small game mode to let you guys preview the Taviana map before the initial Taviana Life is released come April 2013!

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Just letting you all know that it may not be Taviana Life but a way to let all of you preview the map before the Taviana Life is released. I am building a "Non Ace/Acre" MSO (Multi Session Operations) mission on Taviana.

No downloadable content will be required to play, all you will need is the map and the new ACR expansion for Arma 2.

As mentioned it will not be using the Ace mod or Acre.
No mods required to play, all you need is the map!

Link to map:

ACR Expansion:

Mission is not complete as of this moment but I am however willing to host a closed beta. You however have to be a USA Battleguns member to be in this beta.

You can sign up at
UBG Teamspeak Info:

Mission consists of US Army 75th Rangers, US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, US Marine Corps 4th Reconnaissance Battalion as (Black Operations), US Army 101st Airborne and CIA Special Activities Division. You will have some type of CAS (Close Air Support) Via AH-64D Apache and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. Mission will also have Humvee's and Armor such as the M1A2 TUSK tanks and LAV-25 APC's!

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