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TAURONOS is a game about exploring a dark labyrinth, praying to the gods for favors and avoiding traps, all while the ferocious Minotaur chases after you.

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Physically, you’re exploring the labyrinth, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, evolving the game avatar, while the minotaur is always getting closer.

Philosophically, you’re re-enacting the fight with the inner animal, through story and overcoming of psychological limits.

Steam Greenlight:

Inspired by the greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, but you’re mainly playing your own story (bonding with the game avatar).

Game features:

- Stat upgrades (armor, light area, stamina, speed, interaction, hidden ones)
- Traps (automatic & triggered)
- Puzzles (intuition-based & psychological)
- Interaction objects - healing herbs, all-seeing eye, obstacles , minotaur lair and more
- Easter eggs
- Enemy that becomes more aggressive in time
- Semi-randomly placed enemy and level start / exit points
- Minotaur chaser AI

Unique elements:

- One enemy - invincible until the character evolves enough to face it
- The only currency for upgrades is time, time in which the beast gets closer

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