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Tap Quest Release News on 2015-07-24 by Jared Nelson.

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Earlier in the week I stumbled across a very cool looking trailerfor a game called Tap Quest. The goal in the game was to defend a tower in the center of the screen from enemies approaching from either side, and you'd do that by simply tapping either side of the screen to perform a dash attack in that direction. It's simple premise, lovely art style and chaotic action really caught my attention. Well, in a nice surprise, Tap Quest: Gate Keeper [Free] moved swiftly through Apple's approval process and is already available on the App Store.

I've only had time to spend just a few brief moments with Tap Quest so far, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. It works exactly as you'd expect it to from the trailer. Waves of increasingly difficult enemies approach your tower from either side and you simply mash left or right on the screen to attack them. It reminds me of a hybrid between Slayin [Free] and a clicker, except it's a bit more complex than a clicker is. There's also a nice suite of upgrade options for your hero and for your tower, as well as plenty of levels and enemies to fight, including boss characters.

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper is free to download and try, and people in our forums seem to be digging it too, so grab this late arrival and give it a spin over the weekend.

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