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2015-07-21 Tap Quest Upcoming coverage from Touch Arcade.

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One of the things I cherish in a mobile game is unnecessary visual flair. Match-3 games are a good example of this. Take two mechanically identical matching games, one with little fanfare when you make a match and one that literally showers you with particle effects and flashiness. I'll take the one with superfluous visual effects every single time! So this brings me to Tap Quest, the first mobile game from publisher Nanoo Company.

Tap Quest is a simple game at heart. You'll defend the tower in the middle of the screen by attacking enemies approaching from either side. You do this simply by tapping the left or right side of the screen to both move and attack at the same time, and you'll have a bit of help from a Fairy and Princess atop the tower who can shoot arrows down at enemies. While it sounds like a simple setup, things get mighty hectic as dozens of enemies swarm the screen. Also, there will be boss fights at the end of each world followed by the final battle against the massive Red Dragon. Best of all, there's all sorts of crazy visual effects happening at any given time. Check out the trailer.

Along with your left/right tap attacks your hero will also have eight special abilities which you can upgrade by collecting coins and gems from defeated enemies. I love the look ofTap Quest and its simple control scheme sounds like a nice fit for a mobile game. Tap Quest has already been submitted to Apple for approval, so expect to see it in the next few weeks if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime you can check out the forum thread for more information.

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