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Tanks V Ships, a new game by new developers will be released Summer 2017. A multiplayer Shoot'Em Up Shooter.

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Shoot’Em Up genre returned in to the big space world is now live on Kickstarter and Steam! Support us there

Indie company Sunrise Intelligence and TH Studio are developing a new game for the industry.

We are now live on Kickstarter and Steam.

Tanks V Ships New Era is an multiplayer Shoot'Em Up Shooter (Twin Stick Shooter) and partially single player, set in to Space and Ground world. This genre was amongst the first ones in the Game industry, although now it’s been mostly forgotten. Tanks V Ships introduces the classic Shoot'Em up into modern online world that combine Space World with Ground World. Players can fight against other players, computer enemies (mobs), walkthrough different levels in a campaign-like mode, or in open world looking for adventure. Tanks V Ships gives the player a choice of game style that he would like to play.

New Shoot’Em up demonstrate how powerful can be top view twin stick shooter game.

  1. Full online system
  2. Six unique classes
  3. Several play modes
  4. Big world
  5. A lot of maps in different styles
  6. Open Space
  7. Powerful rendering

Game World

Space and Ground worlds. Also, some non-existent virtual worlds.

Space maps include different beautifully designed levels based on different star systems, asteroid clusters, station levels, abyss etc.

Ground maps represent beautiful scenes on maps like desert, forest, snowy land, wasteland, as well as sky-city stations.

Virtual non-existent world like a neon style, geometrical shapes style etc.

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