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Design by Chris's next game put on hold in favor of a different project. 'Super Time Dungeon' will be taking its place as the current game under development.

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I still really want to finish Tan'en, but right now I don't have the programming manpower to finish it with any quality in the near (or even far) future. The game is too big to do right now. 'Super Time Dungeon' is a significantly less complicated project.

Super Time Dungeon is about a group of adventurers who journey into an ancient and mysterious dungeon in search of the 'Time Balance' artifact. The game will feature both randomly generated dungeons and preset dungeons, fast paced team focused game-play, and more unique players than you can shake a stick at. The game will be very focused on team-play and fairly wiki heavy. I plan to have 15 playable characters on initial release and more added (for free) constantly. I really hope that the game will go over well with the public indie community and that it will be a blast to play.

Thank You for Your time,

Wyatt White

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