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A brief update on the status of Tales of Fyrndell and future plans.

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Just a brief update on the status of Tales of Fyrndell, which was put on a very long hiatus due to lack of resources and time:

I still fully intend on developing this as a mod or game at some point in the future, and am constantly working on developing the story and the game's overall design. I have many ambitious ideas for what I want to achieve in this project, and it may be years before it's released, but I assure you that it will be an incredible game.

I had to put Tales of Fyrndell on hiatus to focus on my life and other projects since I could not handle the time commitment or required resources of the project at the time. However, the turbulence of my personal life has now calmed down enough to allow me to take this project where I want it to go.

This summer I intend to move to Los Angeles to continue my higher education and work on building my portfolio. I am aiming to become a professional writer and game designer, and will be able to commit much more time and resources to Tales of Fyrndell.

Thanks to everyone who's written and commented about this project. The goal of this project is to create an innovative, exciting and story-driven franchise that takes full advantage of modern technology while causing its audience to think critically during each and every play-through.

Thank you,

-Dan Mattia

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