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Ultra64 will be paused for now. Read the reasons in this article.

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Ultra64 will be paused for now.

I do not know when or if i will take this project up again, depends really.

Reason: the interest for the Nightdive Remaster of Turok 2 has worn of pretty quickly as it seems, as well as the modding community for it beeing very very small atm (i think you can count all active T2 modders with your hands).

This is no real problem per se, but with so few people really benefiting of my work on this mod, i think for now i should invest my energy in other projects where i can learn new stuff and which will reach more people.

Also the developement/patching of the actual game seems to have stalled/halted.
This is very unfortunate, as for example i was hoping for mipmapping to finaly be implemented.
Seems NightDive takes a pause from Turok too ;-)

This project still was both a fun and learning experience for me, especially working with a workflow where you need to create plain diffuse maps like in the old days to create eyecandy.

I might pick this project up again if the modding community of Turok 1 & 2 grows a little bit, if ther are more mods and modders around to share expertise and ideas and such.

Thanks to all who "played" it, commented and wrote about it!

My next project already started and is well progressing.
I will tell you this much abou that game: Es ist der pure Schrecken! ;)

PS: If want this mod to come back to live, leave a comment! There more people who want it, the more likely it is i pick it up again.


Ah man please don't abandon it! I know how hard it can be making a daunting mod like this. And also, don't get discouraged, it is not always easy to get a lot of comments. I know with my Korean War mod for Battlefield 2, sometimes when I post things not a lot of people comment but that doesn't mean we don't have many fans excited for it.

Please don't abandon it. I have tracked it since the beginning, and while I might not have commented much, I am still very interested in seeing this completed! You are giving us what the damn developers should have from the start! We need this mod completed! XD

Edit: I would also like to say, I don't think a lot of people even know this game has a person making a HD texture mod for it. I suggest you post on the Steam forums and other places where people will see it. Maybe your mod will convince somebody to purchase the game? But advertise as much as you can, it is imperative to get the word out about your project. Post on as many community sites as possible for Turok as well.

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I was really happy when the remaster was released, since Turok 2 is really unique game. I will buy it, when prices drop a little, was looking for you mod, it's very promising. It would be a great loss if it's not completed.

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Don't stop. this is great

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