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Only a single public beta release and ALREADY a break is being taken? Yeah, unfortunately...

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GamingMarine in Doom has (So far) been an extremely ambitious project for me, and it honestly kinda saddens me that I feel like I need to pause work on it. Several things that have been happening in the real world are responsible for this, but let me just get the main cause out of the way:

The Coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19)

It seems like everywhere I look, it involves Coronavirus in some way or another. Every news outlet is covering it 24/7. Price gougers are buying up all the hygiene products (i.e. hand sanitizer, toilet paper) and reselling them to worried seniors for outrageous prices. Degenerates are turning it into an anime girl and potentially making hentai out of it. With all of this in mind, I fear that continuing work on the mod could (Somehow) get it into unnecessary controversy; The last thing I want is for my mod to unintentionally make fun of such a serious and deadly epidemic. GamingMarine in Doom may be very politically incorrect, but that doesn't mean I'm okay with it creating social commentary on something that has infected/killed hundreds upon thousands.

I also fear that some other things currently going on could cause problems with GamingMarine in Doom's development, primarily the new pieces of media coming out online. I always find myself having a hard time focusing on my work when other things are on my mind, and it doesn't help that a game I have been extremely hyped for is coming out in only a few days (*cough* Doom Eternal *cough*), potentially hindering how much work I get done on the daily.

So does this mean I'm stopping work on GamingMarine in Doom? Not exactly. It'll be seriously slowed down, sure, but it's not enough for the mod to be cancelled.

How long will the break last? I'm not sure. As of right now, I intend for the break to end once the craze surrounding the Coronavirus calms down. I just wanted to get this off my chest so that everyone can be aware of what the fuck is taking so long for a new update. Speaking of which, an update is in the works (Primarily cosmetic changes and extremely minor bugfixes), and I even have plans for an expansion pack once the main mod gets its first official release, but don't expect hearing anything else on this until everyone stops panicking about Corona.

Have a nice day.


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