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Here is just a heads up that Tactical Assault 4.0 beta is and has been worked on and is coming soon.

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Alright here is a update to this mod, Tactical Assault 4.0 beta is coming soon. This will be a big change to this mod having a radical different approach to gameplay, new fun units, and a much needed effects update. It will have bugs and is not 100% done but I think you guys will like it.

I will also make all the mod code and effects open for any and all people to update it and finish the mod, since I will be working on a bigger mod. My hope is that different versions will be made by people and posted here to give insight to modding WIC.


Oh sweet, always liked this mod: I'll post some issues then with the old version:

the WP ability for LARS was just to much, it causes crashes on atleast my computer, the SATAN warhead in no hope does not. Flares deff ability causes serious lagg (espeically with spammed copters) WiCMW doesn't have this issue so it can be fixed. Otherwhise serious flaws/bugs aren't present, well but the nuke that detonates seconds before impact xD

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LARS is not in the game anymore, something different has replaced it. flares look better and do not lag. The nuke issue I have not fixed, I do not know what is causing it.

I will post gameplay videos. Plus a tutorial on how to use some of the new units at somepoint.

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