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I see you're boiling under the impatience, you just can't handle too much hype and you're at your limit. But don't worry, for Christmas you will have the huge chance to test Taco Run becauuse it will be released as an early preview. It will allow you to test the game and, more than that, it will allow me to correct some bugs ( like the shitty physics ) based on your opinion :). So don't miss that deal :D

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As the development of the game is slowly avancing forward, I was thinking to myself: " As I just finished the first level of each game mode, shouldn't I release a preview of the game ? "

And as I kept thinking, I thought: " Why wouldn't I release it on Christmas ? It would be fun !! "

So that's why I have the extreme pleasure to announce you that TacoRun will be available for download as a preview ( call it Alpha, Beta, Early access or what you want ;) ) the 24th of December in the morning ( gotta go see the family the 24th evening and the 25th morning :p )

The features actually available are:

  • A little menu with buttons allowing you to: Quit the game, Turn off the sounds ( there are still no sounds so it's useless x) ), Turning On/Off the Fullscreen display
  • A menu to select the mode
  • Menus to select the level ( only one level per mode tho :p )
  • One Dungeon level ( it's pretty hard, my best score is only 85 deaths )
  • One Race level ( haven't tested it yet but it can be finished in pretty much one minute )
  • Tacos

I will still continue the development of the game, by adding more levels in more environments ( desert, snow, castle... )

Here are some pictures

The actual menu with some options
The actual menu, with some settings

The first Dungeon level is finished !!
The first Dungeon level, which is actually pretty hard

The first Race level is finished !!!
A small part of the first Race level, which can be finished in nearby one minute

The final mode selection menu
The mode selection menu

The sombrero's so hard...
A zoom on the player :)

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