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Oh, that look on your face. I see it. You couldn't contain yourself when you learnt that there was going to be an ealry preview of the game under your tree for Christmas ;)

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I promised you a week ago that an early preview version of Taco Run would be available and I set my alarm just to wake up early and upload it ( I still woke up at 1 p.m. French hour, after working on CQB until 3 a.m. )

So here it is, don't forget it is just a sort of beta and its main role is to see if I'm on the right way

So don't forget to post a comment about it, otherwise it will be a little bit useless ;)

Just go the download page of the game, here: and if the mods were very fast, the download is normally available.

Otherwise go here:

Once you've tested it, just go the game page, here: and post a comment to say your opinion on the gameplay, like " the physics are bad "; " the levels are too hard "; " it's too fast " ...

You can also comment on the graphics but I'll try to improve them later, just focus on the gameplay ;)

Thanks in advance to everyone participating, it's helping me a lot !! :D

And, more important, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !!

PS: If you wish to do a Youtube video / Twitch stream , etc. on it ( even if I doubt anyone will do ), feel free to do it, but I would love you to send me a PM so I could see it ( you can't imagine the feeling of seeing people raging on your games )

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