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Let this article be something like "mini-guide" for tac-bar.

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1. Enemies killed fill the "swag" bar (in one of previous video it's called "arcana", we renamed it, but to be honest, it has no confirmed name), which is hidden by default, but can be checked in vital-signs mode. It is not neccessarry for player to inflict lethal damage, all deaths count, this is made because rebels now are much more accurate (and therefore useful) when shooting, and they shouldn't be able to "ruin".

2. About 50% of swag depletes over time, and that encourages player to move more argessively and use it faster, so "tactical" elements and overhauls will not slow gameplay too much.

3. Swag used to activate Tac-Bar mode, the activation itself costs 5% of current bar and 5 points of stamina. When in this mode, your character automatically dodges all incoming bullets and melee attacks by sidestepping, but this cannot save you from frags/blastwave, fire/drowning damage, and fall damage (tac-bar mode, however, increases maximum height from which you can fall without suffering fall damage by roughly 10%). When in this mode, swag is drained over-time, and dodge itself costs some swag and stamina, depending on your enemy and his weapon. If there's not enough stamina/swag to make a successful dodge, tac-bar is forced to turn off, which blinds you for a short period of time. The velocity your character gets when dodging depends on your enemy's weapon and the distance. The other features of tac-bar are:
1) Most penalties on movespeed like weapon mass, wounds, reloading, aiming are removed.
2) Bloom visual effect.
3) Vital-signs are always turned on, you still can shoot, etc.
4) Crouching/leaning is faster.
5) Increased FOV.
6) Slight stamina regeneration bonus.
7) (MAYBE) increased reload speed.
8) (MAYBE) softened recoil.
9) (MAYBE) increased firerate on some semi-automatic weapons, like shotgun.

Some of you may ask, what about ballistics, after all you still technically can be hit after dodging (a very low chance, however), well, i have two ideas what should happen after that.

First - second attempt to dodge.

Second - forced tac-bar shutdown with blinding, etc.

What is better? I can still just multiply player model hull by zero and then you will never be hit, but this is very cheap and not interesting.

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