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The TAA Team is looking for some additions to our team. We require basic knowledge in all tasks, but no expert knowledge. See it as a chance to improve your skills!

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Salvete fertiles auxiliatores!
(Be welcome able helpers!)

We are eagerly looking for new members, above all we need proficient portrait/icon artists. We just require the basic abilities, which means: You must be able to draw and colour your drawings. The style should be realistic, no comic or abstract styles please. You are supposed to draw portraits of ancient units (also buildings and politicians) and/or icon scenes (weapons, armament, economical goods, tools, ... ) and colour them.

The first two cultures we have been working on since the birth of this project are Romans and Hellenes, therefore you'll also start with them. =) Despite the fact that we need someone who's willing to offer us his skills you can see this of course as a chance to develop your abilities and extend your knowledge about this time (it's that old song, but you know, it's true). We will provide you with drafts and give you all the instructions you need. As already announced in the short summary, you don't to be necessarily an expert, unless are a cool sod which can realize what's expected. *high five* :D

Okay, for everybody who can not draw, you don't have to drown yet. 'Luckily' TAA has so few workers, we could need a whole soccer stadium working for us. ;) We never had any luck with finding able texturers and I guess the chance to find a good (unknown) texturer who also owns all three parts of AoE3 is rather low, so I'm not going to ask for one directly. TAA has one and a half texturer so far, that's one reason why the progress is so slow. Unfortunately I can't do anything about that except feeling sorry and working day in day out (okay, you got me here, not every day, every man has a nasty secret, mehehehe).

Other task, better chances! You are more or less experienced in programming/coding? No? No problem! It'd be better of course, but hey, actually it's enough to have a brain, knowing the structure BaByCode and HTML, figuring out file relations and working with tags and attributes. You don't need more to help us as a coder, oh, of course you need the games, stupid question! ^^

The researcher is mostly seen as a "easy-doing job", but if you want to work as a researcher you need a good background knowledge of at least one of the featured civs. We'd welcome experts on Persians, Celts and Carthaginians, these civs do not have an workout yet, so you're gonna have the liberties to design them. Everyone who wants to work for us as a researcher needs a filter that can on the one hand distinguish between false facts, speculative and probable truthes and on the other hand pick facts which are relevant or could be interesting for the mod. Of course, this requires the condition that the researcher knows the mod's features and possibilities very good.

No balancers needed yet. However, if you want to be definitely one of the test-players, you gotta check our thread in the AoE3 forums of This is the place where we will recruit them. =)

That's it for now, don't forget us, we won't forget you!

Tilanus C.

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