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The fifth playable faction and the release date for DotR 0.7 Divisions is announced.

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Today it is my great pleasure to announce the fifth playable faction in Dawn of the Reapers: The Systems Alliance!

The Systems Alliance is a faction focused around speed and combined arms tactics. Their ships are neither the most powerful nor the most numerous, but when working together in a balanced fleet, they compliment each other and create a force greater than the sum of its parts. They have a large focus on debuffing the enemy, ensuring that even if their own ships are not the most advanced, they will always be fighting on the same level as their enemy. Finally, the Systems Alliance was the inventor of dedicated carriers and a significant innovator in advanced strike craft combat in the Mass Effect universe. Accordingly, they have a large carrier focus, and field some of the most effective fleet carriers and innovative assault carriers in the game.

Alliance Sagan Relay

The Super Carrier SSV Carl Sagan approaches the Charon Relay.

But Why Systems Alliance? Aren’t they already incorporated into the Council?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. There were a number of reasons we decided to make a Systems Alliance faction. The first and probably most important reason to me, is that we needed a faction for people to learn the complexities of DotR with. Originally, Cerberus was this faction, but with the introduction of Escape and the Andromeda Initiative ships, Cerberus had become ever more complex and unforgiving of minor defeats and poor choices. The Alliance has therefore been implemented with the express intent of creating a faction that is easy to pick up, but hard to truly master. Secondly, I felt that they were holding too many spots in the Council roster, and denying us the chance to really explore the other Council races or find a strong factional identity for the Council. Third, Lord_Set likes making human ships and finally… This is the most asked for faction by the fans. Every time we’ve made a release people have asked for a dedicated Alliance faction. So here it is. Don’t say we never give you anything.

Alliance Patrol

An Alliance Patrol including Beijing class picket cruisers, Geneva class cruisers, Agincourt class frigates and a London class heavy cruiser.

But Echo, you didn’t tell me about the Council!

That's not a question. But you’re right. With the Systems Alliance and Terminus Mercenaries both moved to their own faction, that strips something like a third of the Council roster out. However, while the Merc ships have been totally removed from the Council fleet, the Systems Alliance does maintain a token presence in the Council Fleet. Specifically, they can still build: Hastings Heavy Frigates, Geneva Cruisers, Hawking Light Carriers, Everest Dreadnought, and a single Kilimanjaro Dreadnought. However, we have moved the entire Alliance roster to a tier 3 tech. Now, the Council will begin the game building Turian ships, using these as their main combat vessels while the Alliance ships take the role of fast response and raiding in the Council fleet. But that is enough about the Council for now - I will release an article focused on them in the coming days, as they have had more changes than I can do justice to here.

Alliance Everest

But when do I get to play with it?

Soon. Very soon in fact. It is my even greater pleasure to announce that DotR 0.7: Divisions will be release to the general public on November 7th of this year. That's right, N7 day - just one week away. This release will be available from Moddb, although we highly recommend you still join us on our Discord, where we regularly show teasers and hints of upcoming content, as well as answering questions about upcoming mechanics.

Wittek - - 61 comments

I can't wait to Council article!
Amazing job, guys!

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Chris_Rayya - - 560 comments

About time, great work all around on this one echo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SafariJohn` - - 197 comments

You just made me check if I still have SoaSE installed. (I do)

Critical typo alert: "Capitan Anderson" should be "Captain Anderson"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
urbanskill - - 64 comments

I am still wait for full Turian faction T_T

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Captain_Vidinos - - 567 comments

Me too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lord_Setesh - - 1,465 comments

I can honestly say that will never happen because the turians never truly existed as a independent faction like that during the time of Mass Effect and well they have only 1 canon ship design and no stations. So please stop holding your breathe.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Wraithlord_Zeratul - - 402 comments

Same as Geth faction, Collector faction, Quarian faction and even Prothean faction...

But there're not enough asset on these species ships.. most we seen in internet are mostly fan made..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lord_Setesh - - 1,465 comments

All of which are ****** kitbashes of the geneva or ingame weapons and look terrible.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Wraithlord_Zeratul - - 402 comments

Some are pretty cool thought.. like Prothean one.. not bad design..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lord_Setesh - - 1,465 comments

Its a warped gun model. Not a fan.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
cpl_cupcake - - 68 comments

Some of the other mods I've seen, like Homeworld 2, had Geth as a faction. They have roughly the same number of in game ships in ME(not including one off ships) as the Alliance, or any other faction for that matter.

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SunderedEcho Author
SunderedEcho - - 17 comments

Just because another mod has done something, does not mean we will do it. The Geth have one ship that has been resized and had minor hull detail adjustments through the Mass Effect series, which gives us even less to work from than the Alliance.

Even if we intended to make more factions (and we dont), we would be focusing on finishing the ones we have to a high standard first.

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Centurian128 - - 547 comments

Well alrighty then! Looking forward to this!

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JayTheGam3r - - 1,869 comments

Best decision honestly. While the Alliance was technically apart of the council, it didn't start providing ships to the main council fleet until the events of ME1. From what we can tell, they maintained a large military independence throughout all of the series up until the galaxy was struck by the Reapers. Looking for ward to this choice. In that case, for the remaining council forces, what other races will see slight expansion with the newly available roster slots?

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SunderedEcho Author
SunderedEcho - - 17 comments

This is the same sort of reasoning that went through my head when pitching them as an independent faction, and a major reason for them being such.

As for the Council, like I said in this article, I'll be doing an article focused on the new, reworked Council in the next few days, so watch this space. All will be revealed soon.

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Guest - - 698,737 comments

unable to warp in hero units

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TwistedARTY - - 2 comments


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Thespazmarine - - 37 comments

anybody know how to get systems alliance heros

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