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More systems added and the first music track for the game.

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There's big news and some big updates in the wasteland of Dustbowl. This week we've been really busy with working on more of the systems and getting a lot of the functions in place - and we're getting very close to starting work on getting the game rolling! We're well on track to getting something playable very soon which is exciting.

  • The player can now wear armour which changes the player sprite, so while this will mean alot of art it is totally worth the effort. Currently there's the basic player (no Armour) and a hazmat suit, dropping the armour in the correct slot fades the screen to black and and the player will reappear in his new armour. I have started working on more armour but currently there are a large number of animation sequences that controls the player from: walking 4 directions, speaking 4 directions, firing a pistol, melee attack, rifle attack and getting in and out of beds for rest.
  • Enemies now are randomly chosen in the combat test room which means we can roll out this system once the player is out in the wastes and exploring the world, and they explode!
  • Final touches to the inventory system have been made, all equipped items have a small 'E' icon by them which is handy! Weapons also now use ammo!
  • Weapons are now working too! Entering combat without an equipped weapon means you dook it out with your fists and I think the fists are my favourite weapon LOL, they also have a cool crunch sound effect too!
  • We have a day/night cycle icon which now displays time of day and the moon/sun icons slowly move to indicate the passing of time.
  • A basic quest system is in place but this is in it's early stage of development but we should get that done pretty quickly.
  • Alot more NPCs have been added to the HUB and the canteen has been renamed 'The Waypoint Bar', the world is feeling more alive now and busy and we've now started adding bits of dialogue here and there.
  • Lastly we have a new Dustbowl music track exclusively composed by Alexandre ScirĂ© (be sure to visit the soundcloud of this promising artist!), a piece of ambient music for when the player is deep in the desert wastes!, a piece of ambient music for when the player is deep in the desert wastes!

    (Fisticuffs in action - punching a giant spider!....Good idea...)

    (Player wearing new Hazmat Armour)

    Well a huge update, and alot of work done, we appreciate your time in readin the post and I hope you have enjoyed the screenshots and the music! If you like what you've seen please follow us and we'll keep you upto date with all our progress!

    Thank you!

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