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Development of SYNTH video game continues, with a new and revived focus on graphics and -DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE- the sound "synth" behind SYNTH. Synth now features high resolution "sample guided / real time" wavetable synthesis.

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Development of SYNTH video game continues, with several new features and graphical enhancements to be ready in next release. I am most proud of some of the new audio features to come to SYNTH which include "sample guided" wavetable oscillators. This has been in response to some user "suggestions" that it would be nice if SYNTH did some real time generator of audio. Most of SYNTH's audio is "samples" and all the real time generation has been in the form of real time sequence remixing.

UNTIL NOW !!! :)

So what are these "sample guided wavetable oscillators"?? And how is it cool??

Well, a sample guided wavetable oscillator, is a synthetic sound generator, that generates evolving single cycle waveform signals. Traditionally, this type of sound generator uses "tables" of pre-generated waveforms, to produce it's "evolving pad" sounds. Thanks to the power of today's modern PC's, SYNTH video game is proud to present (real time wavetable generator, or sample guide). This means that the SYNTH sound generators, aren't limited to a precomputed wave-table, but create "wavetables" on the fly, based on samples, and other data sources. What this means, is:

Complete "songs" / sequences can be generated at full CD quality, uncompressed, with almost NO download overhead to the "file size". YIP, synth is still only 24 megs to download :)

* A wide arrange of new "one time only" sound effects can be generated


They just plain SOUND COOL!! and they are also available in DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE, which is soon to be released!!

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!! for SYNTH 1.656!!!

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