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This is a news update to inform you that our latest version has gone public - version 14! Head over to for details!

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Hello everyone!

It has been pretty chaotic, to say the least, the past few months with real life events happening. Finally though, this new version of Synergy is ready for public use!

The most significant feature to this version, would be the nearly flawless Linux server - *provided* that you move the other shared game directories ("hl2", "episodic", "ep2", "metastasis", "minerva", "rock 24", ...) out of the "orangebox" directory and onto a partition using a case-insensitive filesystem (such as VFAT or NTFS) and then symlink to those directories from the "orangebox" directory, or alternatively if you don't have such a partition, you can use ciopfs.

Of course, that only applies to server administrators using Linux.

Players would be interested in these things:

* multiplayer auto-save points - where players are at save time, is where they will be restored to if a load occurs
* two new voice menu commands
* implemented voting system - players can vote kick, change level, reload last save point and change skill level
* updated to the new source code base - this gives us a 100% working third-person view camera, TF2 player avoidance and stability
* made it easier to donate by showing the player's Steam ID on the DONOR FEATURES window
* updates to entities: point_viewcontrol, info_player_equip, player_loadsaved
* many bug fixes and crashes have been fixed

You can view the full change log for version 14 right here.

I apologize for the long wait, please enjoy this update!

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