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SynergiesMOD has made the leap into authenticity. The old days of compilation mod making are over. With the release of GUTS and the STEAMWORKSHOP we now have a whole new ball game. The following is the most up to date description of the mod!

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SynergiesMOD offers a whole new game for fans of Torchlight 2 and has been in development for over 6 months! SynergiesMOD has had over 70 content patches and has been downloaded over 200,000 times pre-guts!

Join the adventure today!

-106 Elite monsters
-106 Hero monsters
-6 Rare dragons
-6 extremely Rare world bosses spawning in the major areas of the map
-A new vendor in Estherian Enclave that will sell alternative leveling dungeon maps
-A portal to the end game TABLE MOUNTAIN city.
-New quests, new hairstyles, more faces, more customizations!
-New pets associated with the Necromancer and Paladin.

A whole new class, the Necromancer. The first truly new class for Torchlight 2.
2 new classes which are NOT finished Warlock, and Paladin

-Gear is better, monsters are harder, ALL BOSSES are harder.
-Green and Blue magical items have better affix rates, Uniques have better base DPS and Armor.
-Two handed and dual wielding have better bonus's, shields have a small cast delay for their increased survivability.
-Monsters spawn more numerous throughout the game
-Skills unlock at a earlier rate, but take longer to progress between points, ending at or above vanilla standards.

-Derinkuyu 105 contains 10 randomly selected different maps, sold in tablemountain on the Salan vendor
-7 full sets of legendary armor (70 new legendary armor pieces) set at just above level 100 unique values (harbingers, transcended, etc) each with their own UNIQUE re-textures made exclusively for SynergiesMOD and dropped from Raid Bosses
-18 new Tier0 Legendary Weapons dropped from Raid Bosses
-new Trash mobs for the Derinkuyu 105 dungeon, with raid wide specific 'Trash Loot' tables including another 13 legendary weapons
-14 Brand new raid boss encounters will keep you on your toes, 3 remixed old boss encounters (Grell and Grom the Murderer, Spectral Dragon) Each with their own MMO style loot tables.
-Boon scroll upgrades and much much more!

A full featured website, A full community in motion on the forums.
Helpful 'how to' threads
-Builds, Balance, Class Discussion, Developmental plans and more can be found here!
-Legendary center, already very busy with 'LookingForTrade (LFT) messages" The trading community TL2 always needed!

-A dev who has been updating this mod for the last 6 months almost daily will continue to support his community, and his mod in the same fanatical manner he started!

-2 NEW classes almost finished. Paladin and Warlock. Both in their alpha stages and will be updated constantly this week!

-Another whole tier of dungeon encounters and another set of 70 legendary armor pieces (7 full sets) to collect and trade.

salan Author

I made this news release the Summary.

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salan can i use this mod even i did not buy the game from steam?
thanks in advance for your reply...

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I bought the game just cuz of this mod, so it better be good.

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How do I access these new characters such as necromancer etc?? I cannot select Necromancer on the new character screen.

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