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Latly I've been moving the project from blender 2.49 to blender 2.5 which is a huge improvement to 2.49 and lower. Read on!

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I started developing this game in blender 2.49, and about 3 weeks after blender 2.5 started development. So throughout the dev process I have split the work between Blender 2.49 and Blender 2.5, but now that 2.5 is more stable, I've been slowly moving the whole project to 2.5. I am about 80% but its a pain.

And for those who dont know, Blender 2.50 is almost a rewrite! So many features have been put in. For example, the GUI has been completely redone, they added a Smoke sim, improved the speed for the internal renderer, and are in the process of adding Global Illumination. Blender is starting to mature into a nice 3d suit. But dont take my word for it! Download it yourself (its free) at -


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