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Gamebryo isn't suiting our needs, so we're switching over to the Source engine!

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While switching over to the Source engine might not seem like a good idea, let us explain why we've decided to go this route.

1. Workflow. Gamebryo is just, to put it rather bluntly, a really awkward and clunky engine to use. It's an outdated engine, and becoming increasingly so as the time passes. Plus, it's hard to work with in general. Although we will be limited in some ways, and despite Source's own limitations, we feel that the Source engine will give us a more creative freedom, and allow us to portray the story and mood more effectively.

2. Importing assets. We feel that the Source engine allows us to import our own assets much easier, which will result in a lot more custom assets and a much quicker production rate.

3. Scripting. While we haven't done a whole lot of scripting in the GECK at this point, it is admittedly, extremely painful to learn and do. The Source engine again will allow us to accomplish much more in a much shorter period of time.

4. Experience. We've been working in the Source engine for years on other side-projects, and we've developed our own work flow and methods while working within the engine. So we feel that working with an engine that we are already comfortable with will result in an overall better final product, which results in a much better experience for both us, the developers, and for you, the players.

As always, we'd appreciate your comments and concerns on the situation. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this.


I don't own FO:NV so, uh, good news for me, I guess.

Probably not the person you want to hear from...

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Haha, we appreciate all the comments. This brings up another advantage that source has though, there's a lot more people that can play Source games than FO:NV games.

Thanks for the comment!

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