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I'm releasing something I'm willing to call v1.8.2 because I'm sick of life delaying its release. I think it works. Maybe.

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Anybody hear about that Swine Flu outbreak at PAX this year? Well I sure didn't, at least not in time. On the way back from PAX Sunday I started getting a tickle in my throat, which I THOUGHT was irritation from choking on some Gatorade the previous day. Turns out it was what I'm pretty sure is the Swine Flu (I tested positive for Influenza Type A; the test for the H1N1 subtype comes back in a few days. UPDATE: the test was positive. I did actually have H1N1. Thank God I'm over it finally.). As I'm posting this it's almost a full week later and I'm JUST getting over the bulk of it.

So why does this relate to Shifter? Because it's the latest in a long line of things real life has thrown at me to delay the release of v1.8.2. I haven't had time to do a full playthrough of TNM, period, which means I haven't fully tested my code. Hell, I've barely made it out of the first few maps. Unfortunately that means that any of you Shifter fans who've wanted to play TNM have been left in the dark.

Nuts to that, I say! I've got code that at least makes Shifter compatible ENOUGH with TNM to run, which is a dramatic improvement over v1.8.1. I've added more code to address bug reports I've received, even added a few additional features for normal Deus Ex. (Better Scramble Grenade behavior, support for the Demo versions of the game, quicker save/load times for people not using HDTP)

Anyway, normally I would upload my stuff to my Savefile project folder, but unfortunately Savefile is down. Any of the other services I can think of offhand which don't have a download number cap take time to approve their files anyway, so I'm just going to upload v1.8.2 to ModDB and hope they hurry up.

Oh yes: MANY OF THE TNM FIXES ARE NOT FULLY TESTED. Please let me know of any bugs you find using TNM + Shifter.


You should rest instead of work or do anything else if you have H1N1, else it'll just come back and kick you in the head while ya don't expect it.

Happened to a friend 'o mine.

He felt as if he was getting better, so he went back to work (possibly spreading the virus around)

week later, he got so sick with such a high fever he died in the ambulance ride.

Just something to think about before you haul *** back to work.

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Y|yukichigai Author

Don't worry, I've been assured by the PA I went and saw that I'm no longer contagious. I wouldn't have returned to work otherwise.

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Wow man, got H1N1 and still have the perseverance to release a new version of Shifter, a mod that started in 2001-2002.

I'd tip my hat to you any day.

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