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Hello there. I am back from hiatus to restore inspiration to those of you who are avid fans of Ravenshield by cataloguing maps, starting from SWAT5 mappack.

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Call it what you will, inspiration, motivation, or something else, it has given me the desire to start this madness -- namely, cataloguing maps. And I thought I'd start with SWAT5's mappack.

I started with Westcott Residence 1.1. Took a few screenshots to give you an idea of the map's layout.

SWAT Mappack Picture 1

SWAT Mappack Picture 2

SWAT Mappack Picture 3

SWAT Mappack Picture 4

Just for your information, I was playing Rainbow Six 3 on Ravenshield 2.0 running Ordnance Project. And the link for the mappack is -- click here.

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