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SWAT: Back To Los Angeles v1.2 arrives with major improvements

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As i promised, 1.2 will include some solid stuff that will improve the overall SEF gameplay so here it is: Almost every weapon has improved ADS view, to provide a much more dynamic gameplay, iron sight zoom is removed for good! Tons of sights that where missaligned and not properly zeroed before have been improved too. Protective equipment now is truly protective equipment, you won't go down as easy as before while wearing a helmet/body armor but you have to have realistic expectations: Level II Armor won't protect you from an AK shot but it will absolutely protect you from pistol rounds. A lot of headgear variants have been removed due to not only being pointless, but due to how they made the headgear selection very tedious, now we have 18 different headgear options, the most revelant variants have been kept. Most types of headgear now display a very subtle first person overlay that will improve the overall immersion, so say goodbye to those clunky overlays! Movement speed has been revamped too, a bit SWAT 3-esque but not too over the top. A major improvement to shotguns has been made, now their spread is close to what you would expect to see IRL, basically, long barrel shotguns now have a tight spread so they are much more accurate now, this fix the Slugs and Beanbags innacuracy too, so now they are a much more appealling choice, short barrel shotguns have a wider spread as you would expect them to be.

AI reaction times have been improved a lot to give the game a more SWAT 3 feeling, SWAT 3's AI was very unforgiving so i've tried to replicate that. Now suspects will be much more difficult to deal with, especially high level, well trained suspects. You can expect them to shoot at doors much more often and investigate every suspicious behaviour too. Officers AI has been improved to stay on par with these new behaviours, so now they are more effective at dealing with suspects.

Some new weapons and variants have been added: Glock 18, Glock 30, Entry variants for shotguns, MP5K variants... A small change is that now most weapons are available on Multiplayer, Singleplayer has been made in a way that only proper SWAT weapons can be used, so don't expect to use AKs or UZIs on Singleplayer, same goes for some headgear. Some meshes have been improved too, flashbangs now are modeled after the CTS 7290 flashbang, same as in SWAT 3, helmets now have real proportions, Browning HP now has a flashlight, a new paperdoll has been added... You can expect a lot of small details like these on 1.2.

This is a very quick summary, you can check the full changelog on the mod's download page or in BTLA-Changelog. And of course, every bug present on the last release is gone for good.

Recently, the mod's source code got released on so anyone who has knowledge about SWAT 4 is free to contribute to the mod, and don't forget to join our

Thanks for all the support, cheers!

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