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Back To Los Angeles aims at bringing a closer experience to the well known SWAT 3 game.

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SWAT: Back To Los Angeles

Back To Los Angeles was started as a way to incorporate some of my mods in a whole package, but after a while i realized that i could bring a much bigger mod. SWAT 3 had a lot of cool ideas that unfortunately weren't present in SWAT 4. Although we can't really port SWAT 3 to SWAT 4, we can steal a lot of it's ideas and implement them and, with the help of Elite Force, we can do it.

So, what Back To Los Angeles brings up to the table?

Main Features:

Back To Los Angeles incorporates a lot of stuff from SWAT 3: Almost every primary weapon has at least 3 configurations that go by Aimpoint, Suppressed or Suppressed + Aimpoint, this variants were present in SWAT 3 and i thought that Elite Force needed some new variants to make things more interesting. Currently, the only weapons that don't have variants new are the M249 and MP5k's.

HugeOfficerVarieties is a nice mod made by TargetAcquiered but unfortunately it was never updated. With his permission, I've included an unofficial v5.0 to the mod that includes at least 30 new helmets and 27 new body armor pieces. Helmets are divided in two categories: Main Helmets (PASGT, Pro-Tec and PASGT III) and Special (No helmet, Hats, and SAS helmets) Main Helmets have at least 5 variants to choose from that include the typical attachments like goggles, gas masks, visors, glasses and NVG's, do note that not every helmet will have the same attachments due to realism reasons. Their textures have been improved and also their stats, realistic weight and bulk values have been used. Bodyarmors have 5 types: No armor, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor and Heavier Heavy Armor. HOV Main feature was the ability to choose your body armor without a balaclava, so every variant has this option to choose from. Also some clipping issues that were present on the mod have been fixed. Every variant have their distinctive appereance, before, Medium Body Armor used the same model as the Light one, I've also took some liberty and added an special variant called "Casual" that uses a body from a suspect model. IT'S STRONGLY ADVICED THAT YOU ONLY PLAY WITH THE DEFAULT MP SKINS OR THE CUSTOM ONES I'VE PROVIDED, IF NOT, FUNNY STUFF CAN HAPPEN...

Gameplay improvements:

Penalty system was a tricky thing in SWAT 4 and there isn't anything that can be done to change that, however we can improve what we have. Unauthorized use of Force has been removed from the game to prevent some unfair penalties from happening due to the inconsistent delay the game has to make a fair use of Force, however deadly Force penalty has been kept since this isn't Call of Duty. An unfair penalty has been removed: when a suspect escaped on Fresnal St. Station You would get a -5 penalty, that was really frustrating sometimes, especially when you choose the second entry point. Evidence secured bonus has been removed too, it was CRINGE to always look for that last piece of evidence before finishing a mission, now it's there just to see how many evidence You secured. Enemy archetypes have been improved to be as accurate as possible.

One-in-chamber mechanic has been added, this is a gamechanger that will be in SEF v7.1. Now everytime you perform a Tactical reload, clip based weapons will benefit from the round in the chamber, before only shotguns had that feature.

One interesting feature coming in SEF v7.1 is that now officers can't always tell if they made contact with a suspect unless they have a visible gun on their hand, i've wanted to exploit this by adding enemy archetypes with concealed weapons. Of course, this archetypes won't be on every mission, they were added in missions where they made sense. So now, you will have to take extra care.

AI Officers now will be more agressive than before, having a faster reaction time. To balance things up, medium and high level suspects now have a faster reaction time too... Suspects now will be much smarter at taking cover, they won't expose themselves as much when leaning, also they are much more prone to lock doors when fleeing.

Recoil has been adjusted. Remember that ridiculous recoil that pistols such as the Glock or the M1911 had? Now it's gone for good, it has been carefully tweaked to be as realistic as possible. An odd thing about SWAT 4 it's that firing on full auto had less recoil than firing on semi, in BTLA it's the opposite, to encourage users to fire on semi, it's recoil has been tweaked so now firing on Full Auto while controlling recoil it's much harder. Other minimal changes are the Less than Lethal shotgun recoil which was the same as a regular shotgun for some reason.

Tactical Aids slots have been changed, before, it was a pita to find that piece of equipment of equipment, now they are distributed like this:

1, 2 and 3: Grenades

4: Optiwand, Wedges, Pepper Spray, C2

5: Optiwand, Wedges, Pepper Spray, C2

6: C2

Weapon equipping and unequipping speed has been improved, now you will go to your pistol 3 times faster now, primary weapons and Tactical aids are unequipped 2 times faster now. Lockipicking takes at least 12 seconds now, to encourage the use of breaching devices. Movement speed has been adjusted to make more sense, before every bodyarmor had the same movement speed so perhaps you will find the No Armor option more appealing to use. Leaning has been improved, now it's fast and you won't expose yourself as much. Shotguns now are reloaded a lot faster, before it was a pita to reload them. Optiwand has been nerfed, now it doesnt have the same FOV and using it is an slower process so you Will have to think twice before pulling it off. Cuffing now takes 1.10 seconds. Every weapon now starts on semi instead of full auto. Flashlight cone size has been reduced. Now you carry 20 lightsticks instead of 10.


G3A3, MP5A5, MP5SD5, CQBR, AKM Synthetic and Glock 21 have been added. Weapons have more configurations to choose from that go from suppressors to Aimpoints. Weight system has been improved with real values. Tactical Aids such as C2 now have an standalone option and x5 pack. Every weapon and Tactical Aid displays their realistic names. Some magazine capacities have been fixed. More than 30 headgear and bodyarmor options have been added to fit different roles ingame.

Some bugs have been fixed: Before, CS Gas could crash the game when you exposed to it without a gas mask, this no longer happens. There more fixes that come along the updated SEF source code but i cannot list them all, check SEF's Github for more info.

Special thanks to:

Beppegoodoldrebel for providing some assets and bug fixes

S4 for hosting the server

Sphee, Scape, JalapenoPepsi, tinfoilhat, aolcs, Davey and mylo for testing the mod

Ryker for providing a complete weight list, new balaclava and an improved Taser sound.

TargetAcquired for HugeOfficerVarieties

And to the BTLA server members for their support!

The mod for now cannot be played on MP but this will be fixed very soon

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