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New release of Swarm Keeper! Swarm Keeper is a Dungeon Keeper inspired modification for Alien Swarm (Source Engine).

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This release offers the following new features:

  • Non explored parts of the maps are now invisible
  • Updated sounds
  • Three new spells
  • Changes in visuals and optimizations
Swarm Keeper 0.50

Full changelog:

- Selected blocks now glow green
- Initially fog of war of non explorered map parts are now made black/not visible
- New spell "Heal", which heals the target creature
- New spell "Speed", which increases the speed of the target creature by 100% for 30 seconds
- New spell "Call to Arms", which forces all creatures in the dungeon to defend the target position at cost of 2 gold per 1.25 seconds
- Added tooltips with descriptions to Spells and Room buttons
- Added heal effect to creatures healing in the Lair (effect by ProgSys)
- Replaced placeholder sounds by more Alien Swarm themed sounds (by  Sergeant Toni) 
- Minor loading optimizations
- Minor changes in creature navigation and performance improvements
- Fixed potential crash on changing maps
- Fixed max gold potentially being incorrectly displayed on map start
- Added moddefaults.txt from CSGO (provides better default video settings first time launch)
- Replaced Awesomium by Chromium Embedded Framework (HTML/CSS UI)
- Updated embedded Python to 2.7.4 RC1
- Fixed mod incorrectly requiring Half-Life 2: Episode Two (should only require Alien Swarm installed)

Swarm Keeper 0.50 7z

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