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A few hours late but here it is. Swamp Smash, the GBJam Version.

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Hello there!

Here it is. The GBJam version of Swamp Smash in all its roughness. It is full of unbalanced enemies, pickup drops and too large or too small levels. We did our best during the 10 days of the jam of which we were able to work 6 of them "full-time".

I promised the release would be at 22:00 CEST but that did not go dow so well as we had, rather expectedly, some last-minute issues. All the panic bugs one could make hours before a deadline ... we made them. But at any rate- It's all here now. And it's free.

We will have the sources and resources available on github soon so you can modify and compile the game yourself or, perhaps, use bits and pieces in your own project.

As for future plans with out own version, we want to add one or two more levels, integrate the gamejolt Highscores API and re-balance the enemies, drops and damage ratings. The limited time during the jam did not allow for us to do all these tasks properly. Please keep that in mind when playing it.

Swamp Smash! Swamp Smash!

And finally, here are some download links for your convenience. Please enjoy the game and keep in mind that this is currently in the state of a game jam entry game.

Swamp Smash GBJam Version (Windows)

Swamp Smash GBJam Version (Mac)

Swamp Smash GBJam Version (Linux)

All there, as promised.



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