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Sven Co-op basks in past glories. Also, a status update!

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Thanks to all the people who apparently voted for us in ModDB's Mod of the Year 2009 awards -- even though we'd made no mention of it this year! We were ineligible to place in the top ten due to winning in a previous year, but thanks to you, ModDB gave us this nice write-up under Honorable Mentions (don't know if being second in the list means anything?)

Featured in every single MOTY since we first started, Sven Coop is one of the oldest mods on the ModDB database yet still being developed and still popular as ever. Its no surprise that its an honorable mention again.

We were also one of only two Half-Life mods listed in the Top 100 Mods & Indie Games category. Here's a little Golden Spanner Retrospective to mark the occasion:

In 2002 we were featured in the Most Improved and Best Overall Mod categories, and placed 2nd in the list of "Mods You Should Not Leave Home Without".

In 2003 we again featured in the Most Improved, Best Overall, and Mods You Should Not Leave Home Without categories.

In 2004 we won 1st place in the Best Action Mod category, and 2nd place in the Best Mod category! (Just under what is now a commercial game). Sven Co-op for HL2 was also voted the #1 most anticipated mod (unfortunately, real-life issues have since left the project stalled indefinitely).

In 2005 we ranked 5th in the Best Mod category, beating out most HL2 mods. :)

From 2006 onwards, previous winners were ineligible to win again -- but we did get an Honorable Mention, as we did this year. -- Thanks again for your support!

As usual, development of the next release is dragging on for longer than we'd like. We do have some interesting and highly unexpected features in the works, though, so it's not all bad news. A deadline has also been set for final contest map bugfixes, so hopefully those will be released sometime soon. Stay tuned.


It's not surprising. Playing a game with friends against the AI is one of the most fun things for me (and for many others).

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still playing Sven coop, since it so awesome :)

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Everybody loves this mod

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