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Sushi Quest is now available for iPhone! A puzzle-heavy based game, that also features lots of exploration, collectibles and secrets, based on classics from the SNES era (like Zelda and Lost Vikings), but this time in 3D!

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Sushi Quest was originally a one man team project started this year (2011), on January.
A month later a very good modeller joined the team, and contributed to the colorful cartoony aspect of the game.
The game itself takes lots of elements from classics from the 90s, and bring them to this new age of gaming!
This is a very puzzle heavy game, with lots of exploration, if you like SNES classics like Zelda or Lost Vikings, you probably will love this!

And now, Sushi Quest is now available for iPhone, check the game website for the iTunes link!
Buy and help us gather more funds to create new original games!

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