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Were just back from Insomnia 53 and with over 200 comments sheets filled out we are hard at work to improve the alpha.

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Super Undercover Slime Agent News Post #4

With Insomnia 53 just past we were hard at work to have a playable alpha at the event. We managed it just days before the event and it went massive. We have picked up a few sponsors of which the first one is the Razor Gaming Bus, which will feature S.U.S.A on the bus where you can go and play the current alpha version at each event they attend.

We have a bunch of pictures taken from our booth which you can check out here:

We also have a bunch of screenshots we took of some of the games that were being played including the Razor Bus team and Cooler Master staff:
Art: Our artists this week have been busy with in game work, new concepts for new block types and also our new posters which you can see in some of the photo's we took.
Last but not least. We have changed the multiplayer to now run between 2 and 4 players rather than being forced to have 4. The multiplayer now works with controllers and is locked to same machine play at the moment(So no LAN or Online yet).

We will also be recruiting some testers shortly so please feel free to PM me your details and I will make sure they get to the right person!

We always look forward to hearing from you all so please feel free to leave a comment or message and give us a like on Facebook or a follow here to stay up to date!

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