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The first episode of the new series of the Survivors Diary. We discuss Left 4 Deads 2's infected. The Dead City Campaign and much more.

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Survivors Diary Podcast Group Videos & Audio - Mod DB

So we return to our Left 4 Dead exclusive Podcast with plenty of content for this week… no tactic though :(


Left 4 Dead 2: The Infected


Video: Left 4 Dead Some Survival Tricks
Watch at YouTube

Model: Teletubby Infected
By: flameknight7
Download at

Skin: Naked Zoey
By: zaigo
Download at

Campaign/ Map:

By: ilcannibal
Download at
Campaign Types: Co-Op, Versus and Survival


  • AA Killer
  • Foxboy Seraphim
  • Hodell
  • Korean Thug
  • Lt McMuffin
  • Aztec
  • Sandman
  • NISKillbot
  • Bortolomeo
  • -=UGC=- Langford
  • F.Lorence [FR]
  • zanshin
  • jmr45

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