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Bitl announces the release of the SURVIVOR VER2.0 hotfix!

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Hi, I recently released a new patch for SURVIVOR that implements some bug fixes and improvements. Changes and screenshots are listed below.

su lockdown0000

su watergate0004

su lockdown0003

su losttown0000

su sunsetcoast0000


- Compressed everything into VPK files.
- Added a download folder.
- Removed the Shader Editor sue to issues with the mod's post-processing.
- Fixed the players not being able to blink.
- Added the nexttoken patch, protecting players from RCE exploits. (
- Implemented SourceBots ( as a replacement for the old bot AI. (fix use sound being pressed)
- The Healgun now uses a proper beam.
- Added HL2DM maps.

I'm unsure if future patches will release since I'm busy with multiple projects at the moment, but here is basically what I've been working on for SURVIVOR.

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