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Survive The Day A game about surviving the office workday Annoying co-workers, pointless meetings, paper jams, office politics, and just not wanting to work!

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Survive The Day

Level 2: Donut Perp

It’s 8:19am…

Nate arrives to work with a box of half-dozen donuts to share with co-workers…

Nate coming out of elevator

He lets his co-workers know he brought them donuts, drops them off in the breakroom, and then steps out momentarily to stop by his desk and wash his hands before diving in…

co workers scrambling for donuts

...when he returns, alas, they are all gone!

Nate with empty donut box

There are six workers present, including Nate, and six donuts. Which means someone ate two! Who could this double donut eater be?!

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