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Survival Mode will be seeing many upgrades, optimisations and more content added to extend the overall experience of An Instinctive Fear.

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Survival, it's a mini game focused on surviving unrelenting streams of enemies, purchasing weapons and killing more of them. Previously, Survival was a very basic map with no detail and far too many enemies at once. This caused problems such as lag and bad game play, and the map itself looked nothing. Survival was functional and good enough to play for quite a long time, but only now it's receiving a well needed makeover.

Please note that the frame rate suffered because of the recorder being used, usually my laptop reaches 40-50 fps on a map with the full number of enemies.

This video demonstrates the first two out of five enemies that you can face in Survival, but currently their placement is being optimised and still in redevelopment. The quality of this video is worse than the actual game as well.


Previous features include:

  • Normal mode, hard core mode and one hit mode. These modes only effect your health (100, 50 and 1 respectively)
  • Customisable lighting options, only to challenge yourself further. The options include regular lighting, flashing lights, slow pulsating lights, survivors light and a degrading light. The flashing light flickers rapidly, the slow pulsating light turns on and off, creating tense short periods of darkness. The survivors light is a tiny light, so you practically rely on silhouettes to find your targets. The Degrading light is a really tense option as well, your light source slowly shrinks and things get interesting. These options make your game more intense and are fun combinations to play around with.
  • Four weapons, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The pistol, shotgun, sub machine gun and assault rifle.

These were the highlights of the previous version of Survival; the disadvantages were mainly poor optimisation with too many enemies and the lag caused by that. The updates to survival hope to revamp and change all that.

New features include:

  • The same modes as before
  • The same lighting options as before except for a new secret lighting mode that has been added . . .
  • Five weapons, one additional added. It is called the GX-Reaper, its a hip fire mini gun that mows down crowds with its green laser bullets. The new weapon costs 3000 points. (the previous most expensive gun, the G36c Negotiator cost 2000)

Planned features include:

  • Random powerups that include but aren't limited to: double speed, double damage, 2x faster reload speed and slow motion. These powerups might last something like 30 seconds each. Because of the length of one Survival match, you may only be able to get one or two powerups per game. While the planned powerups should work, there may be a variety of reasons why they might not make it to the final cut.
  • Better AI. Not by much, but recently I have modified scripts in the enemies to work better around environments with objects in them. FPSC AI can feel limited, which is why I made the Arena shaped map. This meant there was nothing for them to get caught up on. However the AI can be improved.
  • More maps! The Arena map as its being called (the one in the video) is not the only map that I intend to do. Expect at least another map with some better features, using the better AI so it can be less of an arena and more of a standard room/area.
  • Weapon upgrades. This is possible at the moment, but won't be implemented into the Arena map because of the maps design (eg can't stop moving). The next map that's being planned will be designed with weapon upgrades in mind, so you can actually stop for a second to upgrade it.

Few - that's about it. So expect some progress through screenshots and videos in the near future (I hope, but chances are it will be a while). Please leave a comment and feel free to suggest anything for Survival, but remember to keep it within the realms of FPSC.

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