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There are probably people who have played this mode when I first released it back in 2008,but with the 10 year anniversary of Dawn ofWar's European release coming up, I've reworked and revamped the survival mode and the maps involved.

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The gameplay in Dawn of War was recognised as groundbreaking for obvious reasons - no turtling, 3d fully animated fighting, hand to hand combat and giant monsters smashing each other up with kill-syncs. Awesome. And Yet....

...I hankered for some good old fashioned stand-your-ground and build a massive army to smash your oponents style of play, and so the Survival Mod was born. Now, ten years after the release of the original game and six years after the release of the survival mod 1.0, I decided to revisit it.

So on the 24th of September I'll upload the latest version, and post some more news about developments for the future, so if you've enjoyed my mod in the past or you're new to the whole thing, lock and load your bolters, say a prayer to the Emperor and prepare to hold your ground to the Last Man and the Last Round!

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