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What I have been doing and my new found inspiration and ideas from the Capcom game Resident Evil.

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I know I have been away for a while but being only one person and a real amateur I cannot give every single waking minute of my life to this “project”. Anyway I been doing a lot of thinking lately (despite not remembering what I actually last did to the game) and I feel a lot of the inspiration, ideas and determination slowly coming back to me.
I am trying to free up some spare time for this, of the seven days in the week, I work three, volunteer on three and rest on one. But I am definitely trying to make some effort to get back into my games.Anyway recently I took the week off work and I went to London and upon coming back Resident Evil 6 was waiting for me. I played it for four days straight and it has got me thinking a lot about things. First of all from a creative point of view it was such an inspiring and influential game. I just love the idea of the global crisis they are starting to portray in the whole Resident Evil universe. Unfortunately while the story is amazing the game play is very gears of war esque. I found that at times though I felt a sense of heart race as I have rushed to escape from chainsaw wielding mutants and struggled to survive against the odds.
Having previously played the hell out of RE5 it got me thinking about The Thing 2. While it is difficult to have certain amazing gameplay with an RPG Engine I can still tell a good story. Then I started thinking about the Global Scale of Things. The problem with The Thing Universe is that the Alien creature can hide within its hosts so it would win too easily so any city or dense populated areas are a big no in terms of “logical” story. The locations that I saw in Resident Evil 5 and 6 (and in the films) particularly of Umbrella Lab facilities are pretty impressive and expansive.I may be over stepping some boundaries but the Company of Gen Inc I would like to mould into an Umbrella like company. Gen Inc does have a lot of US Military influence but I like to think they act on their own initiative too.
I also started thinking about the characters of the story. In the 2002 video game by Computer Artworks Blake sort of rises up and takes on everything with a handful of men. In the first RPG adaptation I made I went very closely to this and I think perhaps I should change it. In The Thing NPC characters are essential and it can be very difficult to manage a large amount of soldiers at once (As such the Battle Party is limited to 8 at one time) I think that Infected NPCs can dynamically effect the outcome of your struggle to fight both the US, Gen Inc and The Thing (As well as control your own allies). With the new player created hero I think its important that he/she is able to recruit NPC units to help in their struggle but I don’t think it should be all that easy to do so.
Also I have been thinking about the Battles in the game. While a lot of it is down to random chance (Infection, Critical hits, etc) I am torn between having a lot of enemies in the game or fewer. I think that fewer enemies with higher health (Excluding Human Enemies) and higher damage ratings would be far more difficult and challenging that waves of enemies. I read somewhere once that Resident Evil has strayed away from being Survival Horror to “War on Zombies”. While there is an ammo conservation factor to the game (and the chance that all your men could be against you) does it make the fighting tenser or more annoying? Would there be more of a sense of satisfaction in taking down a tough enemy as opposed to several weaker ones?
I have also been thinking about The Thing Enemies as a whole. The Thing generally likes to hide and only exposes itself when it has the upper hand (The Chameleon strikes in the dark ^^). Considering this “Thing” entity has been altered and enhanced by Gen Inc (Led by Dr Faraday and Dr Bashford), and then further by the “New” Gen Inc (Led by Dr Erika and Dr Black) would it be stronger in its exposed form? Also lets remember it is a game and having all your enemies pretend to be your friends would destroy a certain level of the action.
So anyone who has seen the Thing films, played the game or who knows of the Carpenter Universe it would be interesting to hear what you perceive as your idea of “The Thing”. It’s very difficult trying to create something without feedback. I had some useful ideas of a member of the community before which helped me introduce new classes into the game.

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