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i couldn't manage to make a fun prototype in time but i still have something for you!

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Hello ladies and gentleman's, today is the day. I failed. the deadline i gave me is today and the game is far to be done. But i will not give up like that and continue until you have something good to play with.

So today subject is the alpha. I'm adding the last version of the game here so you could try what i have done so far. The game is really rough, and not realy fun cause you have not much to do right now.

Controls : Space when the bloc reach the target.

And that's it! it's a one-button game :p

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What feature isn't here ?

  • 3D model for the cube, the chair, the tv and other things
  • Win screen on TV (actually a blue screen with crappy text)
  • Gameover screen on TV (actually a very crappy black screen)
  • 8 mini games
  • ambiance text
  • working Highscore
  • option menu
  • sound
  • introdution.

What went wrong with deadline?

  • I think to have been too optimistic about my ability to resolve problems, i'm new to Unity and javascript and i forgot how noob i am.
  • Deadline was too short for my ambitions about the game and my work don't gave me much time to work on the project this week.

What next?
Well, I take some holidays this week (this explain the deadline) so I'll not working on the project before next week. When I get back my hands on it i'll try do add more and more content every week. I'm open to any feedback on the game so if you play it, don't hesitate to write a little message or post a comment on that news.

Have a nice day everyone!


Haha that one-button game is actually pretty funny :P

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