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Everyone Loves Surprises, and I have one for you! :D

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Well seeing as it is late here as I am writing this and that I have to be up early tomorrow, this is goign to be short, sweet, and to the point. First, I will be uploading the install guide sometime tomorrow, and writing a much longer update on the mod's current status. But as I promised, here is your BIG Surprise!

Truthfully, I wanted it to be bigger, and I suppose it is still a BIG surprise, just not filled completely with the happy, butterflies in your stomach, "OMG this is amazingly cool!!!" feeling. So first off, I haev been playing with a new feature which many people asked about. That is, adding two or three bots to the Survivor (EU) team. So far, Ive gotten 3 bots switched to the EU team, each with a non-zombie name. But the problem comes here, the AI dont like my customized kits for the EU team. They tend to be gllitchy and switch weapons a lot. That being said, the game also CTD's (Crashes to desktop) after 5-10 minutes of play. But dont let your hopes down! Im working hard to get this issue resolved and get this new feature implemented into 1.0 BETA. Now for the happier and much more crowd pleasign part of my surprise! Seeing how the number of downloads of the Alpha is relatively higher than I expected, I have decided that a second mappack is a smart idea, hopefully it'll help in keeping you entertained on the mod while I rigorusley work on getting 1.0 BETA up to speed. This mappack will als contain a few major bug fixes and updates to the AI as well as 5 new maps for you to play on! I am still deciding which maps to include, but look for a download of it in the next few days (the moddb authorization process takes awhile). I'll include more information on this in my news post tomorrow, so be watching for it!

Thats all for tonight (November 6th),

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