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Today i think marks the biggest date in the history of this mod, a full, almost completed, release. Hopefully without many bugs to go with it.

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Literally everything in this mod has changed. The ships have been remodeled again, with much smaller meshes to take up less space yet still look better. The research tree, ship textures, building models have all been redone as well.

ONLY for Rebellion V1.82.

Change-Log from diplomacy to now.
Research Tree
- Entire research tree has been redone and currently a version with unique research options to for the Aldar Loyalist and Aldar Rebels is being worked on.
- Defense and and for the first time a working diplomacy tree for those so inclined has been created and is at least workable.

- Aldar Loyalist titan has been modeled, textured and put in game.
- Aldar Rebel Titan has been modeled, texture and put in game.
- Both Loyalist and Rebel Titans for the Aldar have their own abilities based on the various other titans already in game.
- Following the other races set ups, one titan is offensive and the other is defensive.

Capital Ships
- All Aldar Capital Ships have been remodeled, given a new texture(probably going to be changed again) and rebalanced so they are not so overpowered compared to the vanilla races.
- All Capital Abilities on Aldar Ships, have been changed and new more unique ones have been added. some are very powerful and some not so much, but a lot of the Aldar abilities work together.
- All races now have 7 Capital Ships.
- The Aldars 7th is a Advent/Aldar Hybrid and more of a support ship than most of their currents.
- The TECs 7th is the KOL beta, added as a carrier/battleship mix to help deal with the Aldars reliance on strike craft.
- The Advents 7th is a Advent/Aldar Hybrid, a heavier carrier than their current it has better weapons and more armor.
- The Vasaris 7th is a Vasari/Aldar Hybrid, a mix of the Vasaris stealthy fast battleship, this version has better weapons and shielding.

- All Aldar Frigates have been remodeled, given a new texture(again going to change again) and rebalanced so that they are more inline to the vanilla races.
- All Aldar Frigate Abilities have been reworked so that they have their own unique abilities that match their role.
- Aldar Loyalists and Aldar Rebels have Corvettes now, one slows down HP regen and the other slows down engine speed.
- The Tec have been given 2 Hybrid Frigates, a version of the Cobalt and a modified Carrier.
- Neither Frigate for the TEC have unique models as yet.

Strike Craft
- Aldar Strike Craft have been remodeled and texture.
- Aldar Strike Craft have been rebalanced to be more inline with the vanilla races
- The Aldar have been given a third strike craft, a fighter Bomber.
- The TEC have been given a third strike craft, a fast interceptor.

- Various Aldar Structures have been modeled, textured and in game.
- Frigate and Capital Ship Factorys are modeled and in game.
- Starbase and upgrades are modeled and in game.
- Civilian and Combat Laboratory are modeled and in game.
- Basic Defense turret is Modeled and in game, Upgraded mesh not working.

- Various changes to the strength of pirate raids late game.
- Various Planets colonizable and non colonizable have been allowed the chance at extra resource extractors.
- Working on a way to give homeworlds a permanent "Fortified World" bonus on start for all maps but competitive.

Im terribly sorry about the long wait time without new or screenshots. ive been focusing on dealing with multiple issues in my own life and have had little to no time to even pay attention to this mod until recently.

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