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Hey all! I hope you all enjoy the 'new' Forged Alliance campaign with my changes but I'd like to ask you all something...

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I've been delving in the Supreme Commander 2 files now too, and I am learning how to edit their AIs and stuff now too. The only problem is... I can only do this in the file but so far I haven't found a way on how to include theml in the game. I can only work with the uncompiled files while the game reads and uses the compiled ones.

Is there anyone that can help me with this or know somebody who knows how to edit those compiled files? I'd really like to do something similar for SupCom 2 as I'm doing for FA. If I'm able to do such a thing, I can start improving their scripted AIs too. Like Maddox using his air factory in the Cybran mission 'Gatekeepers' and make him build offensive land squads in the Illuminate mission 'Prime Time', ... I also believe you all would enjoy that very much ;)

So yeah, if there is anyone that can help me with this, please do! Thanks!

SoaringHawk - - 30 comments

i have no idea but i hope you find what you are looking for because that sounds AWESOME!!!

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Guest - - 699,442 comments

i think that you should try to enhance the ornginal supreme commander

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gregory1001 Author
gregory1001 - - 217 comments

I already tried, but for some reason... The game won't read my changes anymore :( I once altered Rhiza's base in the first Aeon mission, but when I deleted those changes, they were still in the game :( I'll look into it again sometime :)

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