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So, we have reached the first goal just after the relaunch 56 hours!! All thanks to your love and support towards Meowl team and our first project. We hope that we will get the other stretch goals so that CHANGE! can be made with the highest quality possible! We truly thank you for everything!!

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It's so amazing!
Just after launching 56 hours, CHANGE! finally reached it's goal!
We can't thank you enough for all the love and support from the very first day we started this project. Every encouraging words you told us, every dollar we received, they are all so precious because they gave us more reasons to try harder and never give up on our dream.Anway, as the first goal has been achieved, we can complete CHANGE! and will make it even better by continue to improve the art, the story and everything else. Also, we hope that we can get the other stretch goals so that we can provide you the best experience of CHANGE! ever!

Thank you and best wishes!
- Meowl team.

- Free demo available to download
- Estimated playing time for full game: 3 to 12 hours.
- Compatible for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
- 3 guys and 1 girl ready to be your love
- Each character has 3 to 5 different outfits
- 12 endings including love endings, friendship endings and bad endings
- Tons of hints for BL & yuri fans
- Cute artworks with beautiful original soundtracks
- 40+ CGs with lots of eye candies
- Custom GUI
- Chance to learn more about the culture and traditional cuisine of Vietnam
- Full game will have an opening video and 4 ending videos to be unlocked.

Hi everyone, I'm Solry - the leader of Meowl team- a group of Vietnamese youngsters who devote our life to otome games.For us, this project means more than just a game, this is our only opportunity to change our life, which is why we are trying to bring it back here once again.We love drawing as much as we love otome games. For me, my lifelong dream is to become a game artist, to create tons of fanciful and beautiful love stories throughout otome games. While for my team mates, some of them want to be artists, some want to create their own games. Then, we met, and decided to create and join this very team because....Have you ever heard of, or been a victim to your parents’ dictation, forcing their children to do the job they want, not what their sons and daughters want? These parents regard the career of artists no higher than that of dirty tramps on the street, and they would feel ashamed to have kids become an artist. What if this "noble" familly have a wanna-be-artist child? That poor child will probably be scolded and insulted everyday until he/she gives up on that hopeless dream. What do they do to stop their children from drawing? They will simply tear their artworks in to pieces or just burn them all. Me and some of my teammates have suffered that pain since childhood, and we do not want it to continue just because our parents keep forcing us to work for some state-owned instituitions or do accounting for some random companies despite the fact that we are not good at math and calculation at all. We are not our parent's tool to show off in their chit chat with the other parents. We have dreams! We are creative and we have passion! We are here to prove that we can turn our dreams into reality!

Hence, we need your help. Since the very first day we started this project, we have been encouraged by our friends, who kept telling us not to give up on our dreams. But it's not an easy road to go without lots of love and support from you guys.So, here come our current staffs: - Solry - Team leader - Main artist & lead writer
- Ji - Background artist
- Kazz - Programmer
- Narcisse - Co writer
- Airianne - Co-writer & translator
- Akiko - Translator
-Hoang Anh Do, Amber Lee Connors, Natalie Van Sistine - Proof readers
- Sound Cadence Studios - Voice actors
- Kazaki - Music composer
- Aleema - GUI Designer
- Macho poon - Fanpage manager
- Meowl seiyuu team - Vietnamese voice actors

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