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With this thread I hope we can support and discuss upcoming Star Fox mods on Moddb.

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With this thread I hope we can support and discuss upcoming Star Fox mods on Moddb. Theres a few I'm really looking forward to playing mainly the Lylats Last Stand mod
They also have continuous updates on their website, lots of nice concept artwork and development videos, and show a lot of promise to releasing a complete mod.
Another one I would like to see a full release of is the Star Fox RTS mod, a modification for Star Trek Armada
Still have not played the demo but it looks really well made.
Is there any mods you are looking forward too? Any recommendations? Have any ideas for a mod of your own? Post below!


I think there should be a Star Fox mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Imagine large battles set in the Lylat System, where you can choose to fight as a soldier either on the side of Venomian, or Cornerian forces. In Star Wars: Battlefront II, if the player scores high enough the player can play as a hero. In a Star Fox mod the heroes for the Cornerian army could members of the Star Fox team while, Venomian heroes could be Star Wolf members. Star Wars: Battlefront II also has two eras to choose from, Clones Wars and Galactic Civil War. In a Star Fox mod, the two eras could be Lylat Wars and the Aparoid invasion. Maybe, you might be able to play as Caiman himself as a Venomian hero.

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I making my own starfox game handmade game at that!
It supports modding but i will set it up to where you got to beat the game to use
Third person content my starfox game is 100% game 0% mod

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