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Just a brief presentation about how the idea of this game was born.

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Hello everybody,

I am a software engineer with a great passion for videogames, and in the last year I have been working on this platformer game, hoping to produce something other people could enjoy.

So, long story short, the basic idea of supermoppy is to create a platformer game with a bit of combat souce and a side of puzzle solving salad. The character has been inspired by the nickname I had at the high-school (mop), and so the theme of "fight using soap" followed naturally. Starting by these basic ideas I have been brainstorming for a couple of days and came up with the 3 main mechanics of the game:

  • Supermoppy doesn't have arms, and figths using the strings of his hair;
  • The power of soap is strong in Supermoppy, so he cast soap bubbles to trap enemies and to interact with the world;
  • Based on his soap reserve, Supermoppy can cast soap spells to reach distant enemies or to cause some extra damage;

During a relaxing lake week-end, I felt so inspired that I drafted the class diagrams of the main system required to arrange the game mechanics.

Image 4Image 3

So I started coding in Unity, full of enthusiasm and ended up with a playable prototype. All fantastic, except for the fact that I had no art assets at all o.o

Thank to some good on-line tutorial, some drawing lessons I took during childhood, and the suggestions and advises of some professional artists contacted on the web, I managed to assemble the minimum assets required to replace the programmer art, and finally I could start the level design phase which… is still going on!

So, hope you can enjoy this game as much as I’m enjoying the development, and of course if you have any kind of advice, suggestion, or opinion, it’s welcome!

You can play a web prototype here:



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