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Not an intended return to development, but just tying up loose ends.

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I kept tweaking the mod as time went on, this release is the sum of all that work.
I won't lie though I haven't really touched the mod throughout all of 2019.

So that leaves us with another question, will there be a 1.10.

Probably not, but maybe yes.
My idea is this:
If there are two things Superior AI is kind of missing.

#1: Utilizing all difficulty settings.
#2: Uprising units.

Let's start with #1.
I think the idea of more difficulties is fun, for a long time now Superior AI lost it's proper 100% income difficulty. Easy & Medium don't get any true benefits from this mod, and any alterations to those difficulties are not really intended as it stands.
In short I'd love to organize these difficulties like this:
Easy: 300% income rate(For a higher challenge)
Medium: 100% income rate(no extra income in comparison to player)
Hard: 150% income(Already implemented)
Brutal: 200% income(Already implemented)

It wouldn't be difficult to accomplish this, especially now. But it would take time and I'm not sure if any bugs would arrive out of this, I've never touched easy or medium before and I'm not sure if the game has some sort of alternative AI things I can't modify about those difficulties, I would hope that they are completely modable without any issues, but this is definitely something I'd like to add to the Superior AI mod.

As for why I would have easy at 300% and not Brutal, I think if you need to play on Easy you're probably not going to want my mod which intends to make the game more difficult without raising brutal difficulty income further than the OG Brutal double income rate. I also think it's kind of funny to make Easy the extra challenge mode, but please understand a 300% income rate is definitely not what my mod is geared towards perfecting. Superior AI is meant to improve specifically AI using a 200% income rate.

Now finally #2. Uprising units.
I have no idea how to do this.

Please understand, I learned with so little guidance on modding, Red Alert 3 is the only game I've modded to this extent and my knowledge is almost entirely on how to mod the AI skirmish files, I don't know how to add units, or artwork, music or anything like that.

That being said, since the source code for Upheaval is out there and usable as long as I give credit to Bibber for the code. So adding the Uprising units may yet be possible, I just need to try.

IF I can figure out how to do that, I will release the mod ASAP, I promise :)

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